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Finding a one-size-fits-all community can be tough. That’s why here at Mt. Rubidoux, we’ve intentionally created different online grow groups where you can share, listen, and thrive. Find yours.

Bible Fun For Kids


A safe place to have fun! We’ll have prayer, devotionals, and lessons for kids!


When: Tuesday and Thursday | 5pm.   SIGN UP

Bible Stories For Kids

A fun way to learn Christ’s Word with stories from the Bible!

When: Tuesday and Thursday | 5pm.   SIGN UP


Relevant is our online group experience for Mt. Rubidoux Youth. It’s a place where youth can interact with their friends, discuss relevant topics, and connect spiritually. We’ll have interactive activities and weekly prizes as well!   

When: Mondays | 6:30-7:30pm.   SIGN UP

Jr. High Youth Group 


Our Jr. High Youth Group is our weekly small group for teens that are in grades 6-8. They’ll be able to connect with one another and have discussions on topics that are based on Biblical lessons. 


When: Saturdays | 10am.   SIGN UP

High School Youth Group 


Our Youth Group is our weekly small group for teenagers where they can connect with one another and talk about relevant topics and Biblical lessons. The conversations will be aimed at those in grades 9-12.


When: Saturdays | 10am.   SIGN UP

Prayer Line


We believe that prayer is song of our hearts to God. Join our community of believers as we hope to provide encouragement and peace - every prayer session is led by our leaders who know that together in prayer, we’re stronger than ever. 


When: Sundays and Wednesdays | 7:30-8:30pm.   SIGN UP

Rubi G.L.O.W.


Rubi G.L.O.W.’s mission is to empower each woman to love their individual selves, serve each other, and experience spiritual growth. Led by Chaplain Nyslie Gurrier, we provide a safe and educated platform where women can have open, honest conversations with each other - focusing on healing and restoring the mind, body and spiritual wellness.


When: Saturdays | 4-5:30pm.   SIGN UP



Join Pastor Marquis D. Johns in a genuine and open conversation about Jesus, who He is, why He loves you, and why that’s all that matters.


When: Every 2nd & 4th Fridays | 5pm.   SIGN UP

Fully Known


This special group is specifically created to be a place where married couples can converse about their journeys with one of God’s greatest gifts, marriage.


When: Saturdays | 10-11:25am.   SIGN UP

Starting Point: Seekers, Starters, Returners 


Prep School is a weekly Bible study that gives those wanting to take the next step an opportunity to make a decision to accept Christ and/or join the church through baptism, re-baptism, or profession of faith.


When: Sundays 10:00am.   SIGN UP

Scattered Yet Gathered


In a world that’s rapidly changing daily, we created a group where young adults can openly share your struggles, highlights, and understanding of God in all of this.


When: Tuesday | 7:00PM   SIGN UP


Connect with a community that can encourage us to grow and strengthen together, as we support each other each step of the way.

Seeking Safety


The Seeking Safety support group will be a Christian-based safe space for those individuals who have experienced various types of trauma. The intention of the group is to provide an opportunity for individuals to share personal experiences and feelings, coping strategies, or firsthand information about trauma. Facilitated by Dr. Rita Mercer, this group is primarily a support for you, as you experience and navigate the various symptoms and will provide referral resources for those who need further therapy treatment.


When: Thursdays | 7-8pm.   SIGN UP

Being Fully Present


Created for singles in serious relationships or engaged, our goal is to take a deeper look at ourselves and understanding the tools needed for a successful marriage. Join Jeff and Jocelyne Jefferson for a Christian perspective at these topics.

When: Thursdays | 7-8pm   SIGN UP

Single Parents


Being a single parent doesn’t mean being alone. Claudette Francois leads this group in where you can find tips and parenting wisdom that will help you find rest. We aim to create a village and a  social network for single parents to find comfort and community and become stronger.  We exist to offer support, comfort, to share best practices on managing stressors and raising successful children. 

When: Bi-monthly, every other Wednesday (Begins April 8th) | 8:15-9:15pm.  SIGN UP

Rubi Parents


Rubi Parents will look to provide a community for prospective parents, new parents and parents with toddlers. This group is created to bring a caring environment in our community to share, network, gain valuable training, information, advice and resources. Led by Janelle October, the group will provide opportunities for parents to benefit from the experiences and support of professionals, as well as other parents, and learn valuable coping and intervention strategies.


When: Saturdays | 10am  SIGN UP



HeartChild is a group of current and prospective foster and adoptive parents along with others who are passionate about meeting the needs of displaced youth in our community. Led by Tamari Jenkins and Imani Austin, this group will provide support and inspiration for the care of youth who may seem like they’ve been forgotten.


When: Wednesdays | 8:00pm.   SIGN UP

Recovery From Addiction


You may feel alone in your struggles, but God never intended for you to fight battles alone. Recovery is a daily process of Realizing, Receiving, and Responding to God’s Love. Join Michale Nicholas, M.S., AMFT and Brittany Huelett M.S., AMFT, in this addiction support group - learn from others more experienced and find strength from those in recovery with you. Honest sharing builds trust, creates an authentic environment, and helps you see that you are not alone. Recovery happens one step at a time, and this group will explore sobriety in Christ which means the following to us. 


When: Wednesdays (Begins April 8th) | 7pm.   SIGN UP



This group is designed to specifically guide and support the formerly incarcerated and homeless member who’s readjusting back into a community. With the help of mental health professionals and others who have followed that path, you’ll learn techniques, receive information, and share resources as they navigate this important time in your life.


When: Sundays | TBD.   SIGN UP

Grief and Loss


We want to offer you support in learning healthy coping skills, as well as providing a place to share with others who have experienced loss. Led by Ruby Moore, we know that every experience is unique, and we want to provide a safe place to interact with others in a healing environment.

When: Sundays | 3pm.   SIGN UP

Faith Over Fear


This support group is for individuals experiencing symptoms of anxiety and/or depression, as well as those who have previously met the DSM-5 criteria for either diagnostic. Join Lilena Walker,AMFT and Tifani Hanley, MSW as they facilitate over topics about relationships, anxious thoughts, coping strategies, and more though discussion and interaction.

When: Wednesdays | 5-6pm.   SIGN UP